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New project

2009-11-02 07:33:44 by e-experiment

i have deleted some of my submitted flashes and i am working on my prodjet. my new prodget has the same sytle as my original 'gladitorial combat game' but i am turning it into a MADNESS =p It wont have any of the story line effects but i am including 4 different lvls, 2 of which are bosses and 2 are basicly random clicking on the enemies while trying to get through to the target, oh and they have mini bosses at the end.
And yes that does mean i am giving up on the other games, mostly because they suk BADLY.


2009-08-29 05:05:05 by e-experiment

once again i have updated the game gladitorial combat with better details and some extra music. i have only updated quick play this time and will start on the next chapter in story mode soon. though now my next update will be to ad a HD to SD function which basicly just changes the graphics.

Remember any artwork sent in to me will be put in eventually.


2009-08-26 08:05:03 by e-experiment

i have just finished my new shooter game called 'starwarz - hoth baattle'. it is based on the battle of hoth in episode 5 of starwars. try to beat my score if possible (5300- personal best). if you do please post it up on the game reviews.

i have also finished my first origami tutorial on how to make a swan (or crane as it can be called either). if you want to learn other origami things then just post it up on either here or the game reviews.

maze game

2009-08-22 11:56:24 by e-experiment

i have just finish my maze game, hope you like it =)


2009-08-18 07:11:57 by e-experiment

the 3rd update to my game 'gladitorial combat has been added! if anyone wants to contribute just send me there pic at